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Helen Wilson
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Friday, 1 June 2012 - 8:50:30 AM
CCF Wet Weather Policy for Weekend Games
Please read below, CCF's Wet Weather Policy for Ground Closures.
All Clubs will have until 6.00am to send a text through for a Saturday CLOSURE. Please note that if a club closes a ground on Friday afternoon it cannot reopen on Saturday morning.
Any ground that was closed on Saturday and notification has not been received by 5pm Saturday that its ground is closed for Sunday will have their status changed to Pending
Clubs can notify by text message by 6.00am that their ground is closed.
Any ground that has had its status changed to pending from Saturday will be changed to OPEN if no notification is received that the ground is closed by 6.30am.

All Clubs must text the wet weather number BY 6:00am in the morning, this is too ensure the CCF Website is updated and to allow enough notification to clubs travelling a fair distance for an 8am game.

On the front page of the CCF Website there will now be a link Ė CLICK HERE for Ground Closures, this will go directly to the Ground Closures page linked to the draw.

Only ground closures are displayed here so ALL other grounds are OPEN.

Letís hope the rain predicted doesnít come!
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