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Kevin Wilson
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Saturday, 23 August 2014 - 9:51:29 PM
Current Placing For Our Teams So Far
Teams placing so far the teams that have completed the season will have an "**" next to there team.

Men's Div1 First Grade = 6th Spot
Men's Div1 Res Grade = 5th Spot
Women's SWL First Grade = 11th Spot**
Women's SWL Res Grade = 7th Spot**
Men's 18C's = 5th Spot**
Men's 16B's = 2th Spot**
Men's 15B's = 1st Spot** League Champions
Under 12A-1 = 1st Spot** League Champions
Under 12A-2 = 3rd Spot**
Under 12C = 3rd Spot**
Under 13B = 10th Spot**
Under 14B = 2nd Spot**
Under 14D = 3rd Spot**
Women 13A = 6th Spot**
Women 14A = 3rd Spot
Women 16B = 3rd Spot**
Men's 35EN-1 = 6th Spot**
Men's 35EN-2 = 2nd Spot**
Men's 35FN = 7th Spot**
Men's AA6 = 5th Spot**
Men's AA7 = 7th Spot**
Men's AA9 = 7th Spot**
Men's AA10 = 6th Spot**
Women's AA6 = 2nd Spot**
Central Coast Football (CCF)
Central Coast Mariners (CCM)
Hyundai A-League (HAL)
Football Federation of Australia (FFA)

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